‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Anna Meets Finn’s Daughter

Todd WawrychukABC

Anna and Finn’s relationship may have hit a slight snag on ABC’s General Hospital. Spoilers for Friday tease that Anna will be getting quite a surprise. Not only will she find Finn’s ex, Hayden Barnes, sitting in her living room wearing one of his shirts, but she will also meet their daughter that she knows nothing about.

SheKnow Soaps indicates that on Friday’s episode, Hayden and Violet will be cutting their time with Finn short. That’s because Anna came home unexpectedly hoping for a sweet reunion with her man. Instead, she will see that Finn is getting cozy with his ex in her house. The previews that were shown on Thursday, after Anna spotted the two revealed that she will be meeting Violet for the first time. The little girl will be asking her if she is a friend of her daddy’s. That should prove to be an awkward situation.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Hayden will make a quick exit with Violet so that Finn can do some explaining to Anna. They have a lot to catch up on. Anna has had quite an exciting comeback to Port Charles after being gone for months chasing her twin sister, Alex, around. Her return to town was quite eventful. She ran upon Valentin’s daughter, Charlotte, in the clutches of Cassandra Pierce on the pier and had to intervene.

After she and Jason saved Charlotte, Anna had a reunion with Robert, who tried his best to warn his ex about the secret before she headed home to Finn. However, Chase interrupted them. Anna took her exit to go see Finn, while Robert spilled the beans to Chase, who was shocked that he was an uncle and his brother never mentioned it.

The shock that Anna will feel when she finds out that Hayden lied about having a miscarriage will likely be felt deeply. This will no doubt cause some friction in her relationship with Finn. More General Hospital spoilers for Monday, November 18, tease that he will be having a chat with Elizabeth, Hayden’s sister. He will tell her that he and Anna have a lot of stuff to sort out in their relationship now that he has a child.

Earlier in the week, The Inquisitr had mentioned Anna’s surprise homecoming will be anything but sweet and romantic. Now that Hayden is back in the picture and Finn is a now a dad, he may need to alter his future plans and unfortunately, that will include Anna.

He is obviously smitten with his daughter, and he and Hayden have shared a few intimate moments between them since he found out the truth. Now that his fiance is back in town, he will need to figure out not only what’s best for her, but also what is best for his daughter.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.