Marie Osmond Shares Graphic Video Of Bruised Knees Ahead Of Final Las Vegas Shows

Marie Osmond says she is excited to finish out her final shows in Las Vegas despite a recent injury that she suffered while onstage. The Donny & Marie star took to Instagram to share a graphic video as she joked to fans she’s not “faking” after she fell on stage last week during her Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

In the video shot in her dressing room at The Talk, Osmond was dressed in a bright yellow outfit as she addressed fans directly. The star revealed that she doesn’t care that she fell and that it won’t stop her from performing in the last few shows of her 11-year residency with her brother, Donny. The singer also promised that she will be at all of the meet-and-greets.

After thanking fans for their years of support, Marie panned the camera to show her bloodied and bruised leg. The 60-year-old star said the bruising goes from under her knee down to her ankle. Marie noted that the other side of her leg is not as bruised but that it’s still bad.

Many of Marie’s 212,000 Instagram fans hit the comments section of her post to react to her video. Some fans told the Osmond sister that she sure knows how to go out with a bang. Others noted how painful the injury looks.

“Oh Marie, prayers for speedy recovery. Take care of your knees,” one fan wrote.

“I knew you were not faking it,” another said. “Saw it firsthand. Please take care of you!!”

“I knew you were one tough cookie and you are even tougher than I thought,” a third follower wrote to Marie. “You keep going no matter what. Take care of you! You will have to sit back and relax.”

“I’m so sorry about your injury. Girl, you even bruise big. …The show must go on but you take care of you girl!” another added.

Fans of The Talk know that Osmond has not been shown walking out to the table with her co-stars this week, and has instead been already seated with a brace on her leg at the opening of the show. The new video shows just how painful her injury is.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Marie revealed she “chipped off a piece” of her kneecap after falling onstage during a performance last week. While she told fans that she “probably won’t be dancing a lot,” she did say she can still sing and will definitely be at all of the shows. The stage mishap marks the second time in two months that Osmond has fallen onstage.