Marie Osmond Vows To Finish Out ‘Donny & Marie’ Vegas Residency After Suffering Second Stage Fall In 2 Months

Marie Osmond has suffered another injury while performing in her Las Vegas residency with her brother, Donny. The 60-year-old singer said she “chipped off a piece” of her kneecap after falling onstage during a performance last week, but that it won’t stop her from finishing out her 11-year residency at the Vegas showroom.

Marie opened up about the incident to her co-stars on The Talk, where she vowed that the show will go on despite her injury. The star told fans who bought tickets for the final week of Donny & Marie concerts at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino that she will still perform in the final shows.

“It’s underneath the kneecap, I chipped off a piece,” she said. “So I probably won’t be dancing a lot, but I will be there. I can sing!”

Marie noted that this was her second fall in recent months on the Vegas stage. In September, she fell during a performance and also hurt her knees, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. At the time, the star shared videos of herself icing her bruised legs.

“I’m always okay… it’s just interesting that it would be so close together. I’ve never fallen before,” the singer said of her latest injury.

She added that her knee probably wasn’t strong enough after the September fall and that she probably should have still been wearing a brace while performing the dance routines.

On The Talk, a video of Marie’s fall was shown to viewers. After she takes a major tumble, she can be heard telling Donny she can’t walk and that she thinks she broke her knee. When she asks Donny what they should do, the doting brother tells her to go off stage because “the first thing we got to do is take care of you.”

In the comments section of The Talk’s Twitter post that mentioned Marie’s injury, fans praised her for her promise to keep performing despite the painful setback.

“Marie, she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!” one fan wrote.

“Girl, you are unstoppable! Praying for quick healing on your knee,” another added.

“I thought it was very sweet of you to tell your fans their tickets are not wasted, you will be there to perform,” commended a third.

But other commenters thought Marie should hang up her dancing shoes and rest up.

“Be careful hon. We are not as young as we use to be. Relax, you have enough money. Do The Talk and go home and be with your hubby,” one commenter suggested.

Other fans were mesmerized by the fact that Marie can still walk in sky-high heels with a knee injury.

The singer only has a few more shows to get through. Her Vegas residency with Donny runs through November 15, at which point she can then rest up for as long as she needs.

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