Nancy Pelosi Expertly Shades Donald Trump By Defining ‘Exculpatory’ For Him During Press Conference

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference on Wednesday, and one comment, in particular, is generating a great deal of buzz across Twitter. The California Democrat incorporated an explanation of what “exculpatory” means for President Donald Trump’s sake, and this quick moment of shade did not go unnoticed.

Raw Story explains that the noteworthy moment came while Pelosi was responding to a question from Fox News reporter Chad Pergram. He was essentially asking why the public shouldn’t believe that the House is already set on impeaching Trump.

Pelosi’s reply began by telling Pergram that this process is about seeking the truth and is called an inquiry. During this response, Pelosi incorporated a slight detour. The house speaker was detailing the idea of exculpatory information emerging during the inquiry that would benefit the president when she shifted gears for a moment.

Pelosi paused, looked to the camera, and explained specifically for Trump that exculpatory means something that shows his innocence. People interpreted that as her suggesting that the president wouldn’t understand the word without her explanation.

Shortly after that, Pelosi also said that what Trump has done almost makes Nixon’s misdeeds look small in comparison.

That live definition of exculpatory that Pelosi aimed directly at Trump generated an immediate response across Twitter, and it looks as if people got quite the kick out of it.

Some people on Twitter called Pelosi a mistress of shade and others said her quip was savage.

“Pelosi explaining ‘exculpatory’ to Trump in her morning presser is EVERYTHING,” noted one person, adding multiple fire emoji before and after the statement.

“Speaker Pelosi just looked directly into the camera, directly addressed the president, and explained what ‘exculpatory’ means in language a 5-year-old could understand. #LikeABoss,” wrote another Twitter user.

“Nancy Pelosi just explained in small words what exculpatory means to 45 and I’m weak,” remarked someone else.

“Speaker Pelosi just explained to Prez Trump what exculpatory means and how it applies to him. I’m sure he’s grateful because he was probably sitting there scratching his head having no idea what she talking about,” joked another.

President Donald Trump claimed that he did not watch any of Wednesday’s public impeachment hearings. However, people noticed that he tweeted out a number of clips from the televised hearings. The president has tweeted numerous posts about the impeachment topic Thursday morning already, but so far, nothing in response to Nancy Pelosi’s on-air shade.