‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Comings & Goings: Carter & Douglas’ Adoption Story Heats Up

John SciulliGetty Images

The Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings for the week of November 18 indicate that it appears as if the adoption storyline is still in full swing. Both Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) and Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) will return as the drama heats up.

Thursday, November 21

Henry Samiri reprises his role as Douglas Forrester, per Highlight Hollywood.

Douglas has a new mother, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Thanks to her manipulation, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) signed the adoption papers, and she now shares legal custody with his father. What Douglas doesn’t know is that Thomas may be dead.

Hope pushed Thomas over the railing when he cornered her on the catwalk. Thomas fell into a vat of hydrofluoric acid. When Hope tried to figure out if he made it out alive, she could find no trace of him. The Inquisitr reports that she took Douglas home and tried to avoid the questions that he was asking her. He said that Hope needed to check in with Thomas about the “sleepover.” However, Hope shut him down because she felt too guilty about what she had done.

Douglas is currently staying at the Logan estate. The little boy may begin to wonder where his father is. Thomas promised him that he would be the father that he needed, and he had really stepped up. When Thomas disappears again, Douglas may worry or even feel abandoned. Douglas will deal with a whole new set of emotions because while he will be glad that he is staying with Hope once again, he will also miss his dad.

Friday, November 22

Lawrence Saint-Victor returns to the soap opera as Carter Walton.

The Bold and the Beautiful casting spoilers also state that Carter will make an appearance next week. While many viewers know that Carter officiates many of the weddings on the show. And thanks to many B&B couples tying the knot and having them annulled, Carter always has a steady stream of work.

Carter is also Forrester Creations’ legal adviser. Whenever anyone gets stuck, they pop in to the attorney’s office for some quick help or for some sound advice.

Since Hope just managed to get Thomas to sign the adoption papers, she may need to give the documents to Carter to file on her behalf. However, she may also be a little nervous since she won’t be able to explain Thomas’ sudden absence. Carter may need to verify that Thomas actually signed the papers since they actually never had any witnesses when he signed on the dotted line.