Man Murders Wife Then Asks TV Station To Post The News On ‘Facebook’

tony barrett seattle

A Seattle man called a television station to confess to his wife’s murder, and then asked the staffer to post the news on Facebook. Tony James Barrett called KOMO-TV during the late evening hours on Wednesday to talk about the killing.

During the phone call to the ABC affiliate station, Barrett reportedly said, “I just killed my wife. I want you to put it on your Facebook.” The caller then talked about being married for 28 years with the assignment desk staffer. He also reportedly stated that marriage was supposed to be an until death do you part endeavor, but his wife was allegedly not willing to remain together that long.

Tony Barrett would not tell the KOMO-TV station employee where his wife’s body was, but reportedly said she would be found later that night or in the morning. The television station worker asked Barrett if there was someone who should be notified about his wife’s death. The man said no, that he was not going to be around much longer.

Once the KOMO-TV station staff member asked about calling the police, the man abruptly hung up the telephone. The worker called the cops anyway and the search began for Sara Barrett’s body. Officers found her car still parked at a local Pier 1 Imports distribution center where she was employed.

Investigators discovered what they believed to be blood inside the vehicle. Law enforcement officers ultimately found the 42-year-old woman’s body at a Motel 6 hotel room in Tacoma. Police officers spotted Tony Barrett later in the day on Thursday. The confessed murderer led the officers on a very high speed chase. The man reportedly drove nearly 100 mph to avoid capture.

Spike strips were used to stop the suspect’s vehicle, but the drama did not end there. Barrett reportedly used a crowbar to attack the Washington law enforcement officers. A police dog was eventually used to detain the man.

Tony Barrett worked as a warehouse specialist for the Tacoma School District. He began delivering items into the district’s school buildings in 2001. Relatives recalled Sara and Tony’s marriage being “rocky” for several years, but said they were still shocked by the killing.


In 2007, Barrett was arrested for nearly suffocating his wife with a pillow. The couple’s oldest son broke down the door and stopped the assault. Tony Barrett pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and was sentenced to one day in jail and two years of probation. The order to not have any “hostile” contact with his wife expired on February 25.

Sara Barrett was described as a caring person who had just become a grandmother. The couple’s youngest son, Tyler, said he is ashamed of his father and called him a sick man.