Ann Coulter Reacts To Donald Trump DACA Tweet, Says She Gives Up He ‘Must Go’ But They Can Stay

Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter is apparently fed up with President Donald Trump and she blasted him on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon. This isn’t the first time that Coulter has criticized Trump. However, this time she seemed ready to wash her hands of him for good.

The tweet of Coulter’s that is generating so much buzz came in response to a post from the president regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The Supreme Court was slated to begin hearing arguments on Tuesday regarding Trump’s attempted termination of the program and his tweet about the situation prompted a big response from Coulter.

The president said that many DACA participants are “hardened criminals” and that he would make a deal with the Democrats if the Supreme Court provided the judgment he wants. Trump sent out his tweet quite early on Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon, Coulter had blasted him in her response.

It seems that Coulter is ready to see the president go. In exchange for his supposed departure, she quipped that she is willing to keep the DACA program participants. The controversial pundit’s post has prompted more than 1,100 replies since she shared it, and some of the responses from those who typically oppose Coulter’s viewpoints were fairly entertaining.

“Uhhh… welcome to the Resistance?” teased one person on Twitter.

“Ann, you only tweet about 3 things a year that I can get behind. This was one!” admitted another Coulter critic.

“I think she really wants to support Trump – it’s just too hard to reconcile for most people because of the President he’s been. We all ‘want’ to support, admire our President. Reality on this one is the terribly sad recognition that he is not fit to occupy the office,” noted another Twitter user.

“Ann must have left her phone unattended somewhere!” quipped someone else who was joking that perhaps someone other than Coulter posted this sentiment.

Granted, those who have been following Coulter’s thoughts throughout the Trump presidency and the ongoing immigration discussions know that she’s not exactly joining “The Resistance.” As Mediaite notes, Coulter’s frustration with the president is anchored in her frustration that he’s seemingly not as committed as she would like in pushing through tougher immigration changes.

Will Ann Counter’s tweet prompt a negative reply from President Donald Trump, as has happened in the past? Will he manage to win her and other immigration hardliners back over again in the weeks or months ahead? This DACA battle is prompting intense reactions from people of all political persuasions and that seems unlikely to end anytime soon.

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