‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Return Of Brook Lynn Ashton To Port Charles

Actress Amanda Setton attends #UNCHAINME-An Art Bike Show
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

New General Hospital spoilers reveal that another character is returning to Port Charles after quite a few years away. Brook Lynn Ashton will be popping up on-screen soon and actress Amanda Setton will be taking over the role of Ned Quartermaine and Lois Cerullo’s daughter.

TVLine shares the news that General Hospital will have 33-year-old Setton debuting in her new role on the episode currently slated to air on Monday, November 18. Some fans have been speculating about the possibility of bringing Brook Lynn back to Port Charles, and now it is happening. It seems quite likely that this will give Ned and Olivia Falconeri much more to do and fans will be thrilled to see that.

Ned and Olivia have not been seen much in recent months. They were supportive of Oscar Nero during his final days, and Olivia is currently in a battle with Julian Jerome over his decision not to sell Charlie’s Pub to her. Other than that, the couple has not had much to do in quite some time.

It has been a while since Brook Lynn was last spotted in Port Charles. As SheKnows Soaps notes, as a teenager, she hung out with Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine quite a bit. A few years later, Carly Corinthos reached out to Brook and talked her into a scheme to seduce Dante Falconeri and cause chaos in his relationship with Lulu Spencer.

Eventually, Brook stepped away from the pressure of being a Quartermaine. She connected with Nikolas Cassadine and was romantically involved with him for some time. Actress Adrianne Leon was the last to portray the character, and Brooke Radding played her when she was younger.


Setton is not new to soap operas, although she has done quite a few projects since her time as Kimberly Andrews on One Live to Live. According to her IMDb page, she has also had roles in Gossip Girl, The Mindy Project, The Crazy Ones, and Hawaii Five-O in recent years.

What do the writers have in mind for Brook when she returns to Port Charles? The show just brought Nikolas back from the dead, so General Hospital fans will be curious to see if there might be a shot for Brook and Nik to reconnect romantically.

Ashton has caused plenty of chaos over the years and may well soon butt heads with both Lulu and Maxie Jones, and she has had issues with Elizabeth Webber Baldwin over the years as well. General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much yet about what is on the horizon for Brook and her return to Port Charles, but fans will be curious to find out more.