WWE News: AEW Star Tells Rusev He Should Quit The Company Amid Backlash Over Current Storyline

With fans continuing to react negatively toward the ongoing love triangle storyline on Monday Night Raw involving Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley, All Elite Wrestling star Jake Hager — formerly Jack Swagger in WWE — reacted to a fan’s tweet on the matter by asking Rusev to leave the company and possibly join him in the rival promotion.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Hager made the comments after Rusev fired back at a Twitter follower who expressed their disappointment in the love triangle, saying that they would be “good” if WWE dropped the angle completely without any explanation. Replying to Rusev’s remark that “nobody cares” about what the fan is good with, Hager had some choice words for his former employer — and apparently, for the Raw superstar’s wife, Lana — while offering career advice for his friend.

“Leave her and that a**hole company,” Hager tweeted, adding a hashtag that showed his support for the company he currently works for.

Analyzing Hager’s reply to Rusev, WrestlingNews.co wrote that it isn’t likely Rusev and Lana have any marital issues off-camera, despite the storyline requiring the “Ravishing Russian” to cheat on her husband with Lashley. However, the publication noted that the AEW and Bellator star’s comments are consistent with those recently made by another former WWE superstar. Last month, Ryback claimed on his Conversation with the Big Guy podcast that Rusev is in contract negotiations with WWE, which is why the company is allegedly trying to embarrass him in case he opts against signing a new deal.

“They put him in a sh**y angle while contract negotiations are going on and if he re-signs, it will probably work itself out and he’s gonna look really good in it and then they’re going to use him for a bit, and then it’s going to go back to what they’ve done,” Ryback said at the time, as previously quoted by WrestlingNews.co.

Despite Ryback’s earlier claims, as well as Hager’s suggestion for Rusev to quit WWE instead of losing his credibility through a divisive storyline, it seems there’s a possibility that the “Bulgarian Brute” isn’t actually being made to look bad. As reported earlier on Monday by The Inquisitr, more recent rumors suggest that Rusev might soon be made to look stronger in the love triangle storyline after repeatedly being attacked and humiliated by Lashley and Lana. These reports have also claimed that WWE isn’t purposely trying to punish the Monday Night Raw star through the angle.