WWE Rumors: Backstage Update On How Vince McMahon Reportedly Feels About Love Triangle Storyline On 'Raw'

During Friday's advance taping for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, fans watching live at the Manchester Arena in England reportedly had a very negative reaction to the segment where Lana announced she was pregnant with real-life husband Rusev's baby. But while the kayfabe "love triangle" involving Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley appears to be extremely unpopular among WWE fans, a new report suggests that company owner Vince McMahon feels very differently about the controversial storyline.

Citing an unnamed source, WrestlingNews.co's Paul Davis wrote on Sunday that McMahon apparently "gets a kick" out of the love triangle storyline and feels that the negative fan reactions are helping the villainous Lashley draw "heat" from audiences, especially since he has mostly had the upper hand against the babyface Rusev as of late.

Davis added that McMahon also sees the angle as beneficial for WWE's viewership figures on YouTube, which are among the social media statistics included in the promotion's quarterly reports.

Although Davis' source reportedly admitted that the Rusev/Lana/Lashley love triangle seems "ridiculous" at the moment, they added that there could be more "layers" revealed as the storyline plays out on television for the next two months or so. The source also countered the recent allegations suggesting that the angle is WWE's way of humiliating Rusev as he negotiates a new contract with the company.

"I don't know if Rusev signed a new contract or not but the purpose of this angle was never about punishing him so those rumors can be put to rest," the source claimed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rusev made his return to WWE programming in September and was soon placed in the current storyline, which started when Lana and Lashley shared a passionate kiss to distract the "Bulgarian Brute" during his Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins.

When Rusev took to Twitter to react to his wife's onscreen betrayal, several fans showed their disapproval of the angle by replying to the Monday Night Raw superstar and encouraging him to sign with rival promotion All Elite Wrestling.

While it looks like McMahon is happy with how the love triangle has played out since then, it remains to be seen whether the WWE Universe will maintain its negative opinion of the storyline going forward. Citing information from PWInsider, a separate WrestlingNews.co report noted that Lana will supposedly appear in a backstage segment on this week's Raw, one where she admits that she was lying about the pregnancy in order to lure Rusev into another beatdown from Lashley.