Michael Bloomberg Might Not Actually Run For President After Polling In Sixth Place

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made headlines last week when it was announced he was considering a run for president as a Democratic candidate in the already-crowded field. However, a new report suggests that Bloomberg might not run after all.

According to a report on Sunday from Axios, Bloomberg's announcement was merely meant as a means to gauge interest among potential voters. Axios cited sources who called Bloomberg's announcement a "trial balloon," and added that Bloomberg's own research is not necessarily showing desired results for the candidate.

According to polling aggregate Real Clear Politics, former Vice President Joe Biden leads the Democratic Party's candidates by some 7.7 points. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in 2nd place, with 20.6 percent of support, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is in 3rd place with 17.6 percent of support among Democratic Party voters.

Rounding out the Top 5 are South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has 7 percent support, and California Sen. Kamala Harris, who has 4.5 percent of the party's support.

Bloomberg made headlines earlier in the week when the former New York City mayor filed to appear on the primary ballot in Alabama. As The Inquisitr noted, Bloomberg's late entry to the game would likely only be possible for a person of his wealth, with some $50 billion apparently at his disposal.

Even so, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Bloomberg hasn't yet officially made a decision whether to run a campaign for the Oval Office gig – though if he did, some worried it could pose a threat to moderate Democratic candidates, including frontrunner Biden and 4th-place Buttigieg.

But according to Axios, polls being studied by Bloomberg's team show the billionaire would face large obstacles should he officially decide to run for president, especially if Biden remains in the race. Axios reports that Bloomberg's decision to enter the race hinges on whether polling data presented him with a reasonable path toward victory.

And it might not be looking good for Bloomberg. An article published Sunday by Politico suggests the potential presidential run is a "flop." Per a poll cited in the article, Bloomberg entered that poll with just about 4 percent of the vote, putting him in 4th place behind California Sen. Harris. The same Morning Consult poll cited findings that 25 percent of voters viewed Bloomberg unfavorably, which is the highest of any Democratic candidate in the race for the White House.

Just about 31 percent of voters view Bloomberg positively, compared to about 75 percent of voters who have a positive view of the former vice president, Politico said.