Trump At CPAC, Lashes Out At GOP Progress In Racist Rambling

Kim LaCapria

Donald Trump brought his act to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, giving a rambling and substance-free speech that mainly boosted the signal for his continually racially charged rhetoric aimed at a frightened white base.

Everyone is only beginning to parse Trump's bizarre CPAC talk, which was stunningly poorly attended. Why actual politicians keep allowing The Donald to open his mouth and speak for a political process he clearly has not even the barest level of understanding for is perplexing, and at CPAC, Trump was in full know-nothing form as he made ignorant statements about the economy, the President and how we need more white immigrants because the ones that aren't white vote Democrat.

This is what Donald Trump actually believes.

Seriously. From what we can tell Trump has no political experience, much less any knowledge of how civics works at all -- and yet Republicans keep giving him a stage to vomit up pointless scaremongering drivel and undoubtedly embarrassing the party members with half a brain. First, the star of The Apprentice struck out at the GOP reversal on immigration reform, not realizing someone had replaced his racist dog whistle with an actual regular audible whistle.

Lashing out at prominent conservatives who've embraced immigration reforms after November's stunning GOP defeat, Trump said we have to be conservative about letting in brown people while liberally allowing white people to come and go as they please -- really, he said that, albeit in very, very thinly coded language.

Of allowing 11 million currently illegal immigrants to legally live and work here, Trump said the move was a "suicide mission" for the GOP, adding that "every one of those 11 million will vote Democratic ... it's just the way it works." He wondered aloud why we "aren't we letting people in from Europe," perhaps unaware that most Europeans would rather eat processed American cheese food every day than leave behind their robust socialized healthcare for the shark tank of uninsured roulette we have in the US.

Trump also rolled out his tacky at CPAC, totally forgetting how Americans rejected Romney's out-of-touch vibe and assessing the failed GOP candidate's campaign as failing in not highlighting his massive wealth. Trump says "if Mitt Romney made one mistake ... it's that he didn't talk enough about his success."

Himself a failed candidate, Trump went on the showcase his ignorance of how economies actually work, telling the crowd we need to go get our jobs back from China. The reality TV star added that "what we have to do and the way we solve our problems it to build a great economy."

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) March 15, 2013

Trump was unable or unwilling to elucidate to the CPAC audience how he feels we can meaningfully improve the economy, however. Do you think Republicans have to proactively give Trump the vaudeville stage hook already?