WWE News: Jon Moxley, AKA Dean Ambrose, Recalls Incident That Derailed Push

Many wrestling fans feel that Dean Ambrose — now competing in AEW as Jon Moxley — didn’t receive the push that he deserved in WWE. His cohorts in The Shield stable — Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins — went on to dominate the main event scene after the group split, but Ambrose remained on the fringes during his tenure. According to Ambrose, though, his foul mouth may have held him back.

As quoted by Ringside News, Moxley appeared at today’s Starrcast IV event for an interview with Jim Ross. During the conversation, Moxley revealed that he upset WWE officials following a match where he said “f***” on live television. The incident resulted in him having to apologize to the production staff.

“So I’m totally admitting fault and apologizing and, like, bowing saying totally, my bad it won’t happen again, it just came out I was just in the moment — and I’m new I’m not used to these cameras picking up every little thing, you know? I don’t know, I’m sorry — I apologized and gave what I legitimately thought was a sincere perfect apology.”

However, according to Moxley, some backstage staff members didn’t believe that his apology was legitimate. He recalled how an official approached him afterward and effectively told him that he wouldn’t be receiving a major push.

“So I leave. A little bit later the same person comes up to me and pulls me aside all serious and goes, ‘I don’t think that was the right kind of apology for the push we want to give you.'”

Ambrose believes that the company lost interest in pushing him after the incident because they viewed him as a potential liability, and not the type of superstar who they wanted representing the company as a main event player.

Of course, Ambrose did enjoy some success during his WWE career. He became a Triple Crown winner and Grand Slam Champion after winning every major prize in the company at the time. However, his WWE Championship run was brief and he never felt like the company’s number one priority.

Since leaving the company, Moxley has been outspoken about how unhappy he felt in WWE. As The Inquisitr reported last month, he has been very critical of the company’s travel schedule, as well as the creative team.

However, Moxley appears to be enjoying his time in AEW. This weekend, he will face Kenny Omega at the Full Gear pay-per-view in what promises to be a violent contest.