Watergate Investigator Warns Donald Trump: ‘A Freight Train Is Coming’

On Friday, Michael Conway, who served as the Judiciary Committee lawyer during the Watergate investigation, issued a dire warning to President Donald Trump. In an appearance on MSNBC, Conway warned Trump that a “freight train is coming,” Raw Story reports.

Conway appeared on the network alongside Ned Price, former senior director of the National Security Council, to discuss the latest developments in the House Democrats’ impeachment probe.

According to the former Watergate investigator, public hearings are guaranteed to change everything.

“Public hearings are going to be crucial,” he said while giving the opinion that Republicans appear to have gone from demanding that hearings be made public, to railing against such hearings.

“You will notice what Republicans were saying, they were demanding everything should be public. Now they are saying, ‘No public hearings! No public hearings!'” he pointed out.

According to Conway, Republican lawmakers believe “everything should be behind closed doors,” because they “recognize what’s coming.”

“A freight train is coming of information that’s going to sway public opinions that the president did something jeopardizing the national security and frankly was illegal,” he said.

In agreement with Conway, Price added that Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine need to be viewed in the broader context of his allegedly inappropriate relationship with Russia.

According to the former senior director of the National Security Council, Ukraine is a “front line state,” and it does not necessarily have the capacity to defend itself against aggression, which is why Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking to destabilize American allies in Europe by harming Ukraine.

Price said that Trump “subjected” the United States to a “national security threat” because America was obliged to respond to Russian aggression and to protect its NATO allies if necessary.

According to Democrats in the House of Representatives, Trump pressured the government of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. This, House Democrats claim, is an impeachable offense.

The president has denied any wrongdoing, however, and the vast majority of Republicans in the United States Congress has stuck with him. The GOP has reportedly made a calculated decision to disrupt impeachment proceedings, complaining about procedural matters and alleging that transparency is lacking.

But, after spending weeks railing against the alleged lack of transparency, Republicans are now arguing against public hearings. As BuzzFeed News reported, a number of GOP senators have publicly stated that they will not even watch the hearings on television, claiming that the entire inquiry into Trump is illegitimate and does not warrant their attention.