Andrew Yang's Campaign Sends Encouraging Reddit Letter To Supporters

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang received a personal letter on the subreddit dedicated to the candidate early Friday morning. The message was reportedly written by Yang's campaign manager, Zach Graumann, and posted by someone acting as a vehicle for the message.

The letter begins by highlighting some of the campaign's recent major moves, including its seven-figure paid television ad in Iowa and the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur's recent signing of the paperwork to appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot. Coincidentally, the filing fee of $1,000 is equal to the monthly amount of his "Freedom Dividend" proposal, per Concord Monitor.

Graumann then said that most of the early state Democratic primary voters "remain uncommitted" and highlighted a few polls that reveal the fluidity of the field. For example, Graumann pointed to a recent New York Times/Siena College Iowa poll, which found that 65 percent of Democratic Iowa caucus-goers said they remain open to caucusing for a different candidate than their current choice.

"Suffice to say, the early state Democratic primaries and caucuses remain highly fluid today," he wrote.

The letter also highlights the increased campaign resources targeting radio, digital platforms, and direct mail, and suggests that Yang's vision is "beginning to break through."

"We're building a grassroots movement that continues to power Andrew's rise as more and more voters are beginning to tune in and make up their minds."
Although Yang is currently eighth in the polls, Graumann highlighted that his growth is still the highest of any candidate in South Carolina and New Hampshire. He also points to steady growth in polling support, which — until recently — has taken place organically without a "strong paid communications program."
"Now, we're about to kick into the next gear. Our campaign is the only one trending upwards. All the other campaigns in this race are either trying to maintain where they are, reallocating resources and staff to attempt to stay in the race, or dropping out."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Yang's success continues in the face of mainstream media coverage that is often dismissive of his campaign. Along with fellow Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Yang has been excluded from political charts and chyrons for lesser polling candidates — an occurrence that often sparks the "YangMediaBlackout" hashtag.

Yang supporter and universal basic income (UBI) advocate Scott Santens has compiled the outsider candidate's known media exclusions into a Twitter thread that is regularly updated.