Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock Tour Rumors Intensify, Fans Hopeful [Video]

dave chappelle chris rock 2013

Dave Chappelle has been incredibly low-profile after his hugely popular Chappelle’s Show left Comedy Central in 2005 amid much speculation and an eventual explanations — and ever since then, the comic has only briefly popped up to perform before again slipping away for extended periods in seclusion.

But Dave Chappelle’s mark remains large, and even now, fans will break into Chappelle’s Show references with ease and the same effusive response given when the episodes originally aired in the early 2000s. But in February, talk of a Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock tour began to pop up — and now the comics are said to be seriously discussing the possibility. To which we say “shut up and take my money!”

The Los Angeles Times this week ran a lengthy piece on not only Dave Chappelle’s reported consideration of a Chris Rock tour, but the shy comedian’s current way of life and habit of eluding media attention despite a massive clamor for his work to continue. And while Chappelle’s sketch show legacy was somewhat dampened by the ultimate reasons he quit (he later stated that he felt uneasy about the reaction to some of his humor), it still also independently remains a very cutting-edge and still in ways eerily topical body of work.

Much of the speculation about a Dave Chappelle Chris Rock tour comes from a surprise drop in at New York City’s Comedy Cellar recently. According to the Times, Chris Rock is said to have told Chappelle he “should come down to Palm Beach,” to which Chappelle allegedly replied “after next Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years.”

chris rock

Witnesses to the conversation say that Rock appeared to be taking the discussion seriously and proposing fall dates for the show, and the paper says the pair texted Jay-Z from the stage and left messages for Arsenio Hall. Chappelle is quoted as reportedly saying:

“This could be the show … Fireside chats with Chris Rock.”


Not much has emerged since to confirm the possibility of a Dave Chappelle Chris Rock tour, but it seems such a venture would doubtlessly be a massive success. Reps for Chappelle declined to comment on the speculation.