Red Nose Day From Comic Relief Charity Raises Money For Poor In Africa

Red Nose Day 2013 is hosted by the Comic Relief charity. Red Nose Day raises money to “help change the lives poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Red Nose Day is being celebrated by the new One Direction cover track of One Way Or Another, which has already been leaked onto the internet. But One Direction band members are asking fans to purchase the track since proceeds go to the Comic Relief charity Red Nose Day.

1985 saw Comic Relief launch on Christmas Day, with the first Red Nose Day soon foloowing. Red Nose Day 2011 saw the biggest fundraising total yet for the charity, proving once more that when ordinary joes are strapped for cash they often tend to be more empathetic. Over the last 25 years the Red Nose Day event has raised over £600 million.

Red Nose Day also tends to focus on raising money by putting celebrities in interesting situations, so they can “do something funny for money.” Comic Relief also sells a little red nose that looks like a cute dragon with teeth.

This year’s Red Nose Day challenge was for six British TV celebrities to brave 100 kilometers of the raging rivers of the deadly Zambezi in Africa. They call this effort the Hell and High Water team, and a documentary will be featured on BBC One at 8 PM.

Various comedians will be appearing in comedy sketches this evening. X Factor chief Simon Cowell will be walking down the wedding aisle as a “blushing bride” while being accompanied by David Williams.

So far, the most interesting way that Red Nose Day has been celebrated is a contest where “two teams both launched their Red Noses into space in a race to see which would make it to 100,000 feet above the Earth and back again in the quickest time.” The Red Noses, named Red Armstrong and Mac, were launched using helium balloons and have already been recovered.

How will you be celebrating Red Nose Day 2013?