Donald Trump Could Have A Section Of Route 66 In Oklahoma Named In His Honor, If GOP Lawmakers Get Their Way

Two Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma want to rename a stretch of Route 66 “President Donald J. Trump Highway,” HuffPost reports. It seems that many Oklahomans aren’t having it, however.

For decades, Route 66 was known as “America’s Mother Road.” The famed highway ran from Chicago to Santa Monica, cutting across large swaths of the heartland on its path, including through a part of northeastern Oklahoma.

These days, much of what remains of the road is derelict, having been effectively made obsolete by the interstate highway system. However, in a few states, parts of the road, here and there, still exist and are still traveled.

And it’s a 13-mile stretch of the road, running through the town of Commerce, that GOP state Senators Marty Quinn and Nathan Dahm want to ceremonially designate in honor of Trump. The stretch of road wouldn’t officially be renamed in the strictest sense, according to CNN. Rather, there would be signs put up along the stretch of the road in honor of the 45th president.

“We think a lot of Route 66, don’t want to diminish that in any way. But at the same time, we’re very proud of our President and want to give him the credit for many positive things that we have,” Quinn said.

He also claimed that Oklahoma and states like it are considered “flyover country” by America’s political elite, and Trump “brought out the best” in people that were “forgotten” by previous presidents, without naming names.

Marty Quinn also touted the bill on Facebook.

“President Trump’s policies have made a positive impact on Oklahoma’s economy, and he has consistently stood up for the conservative values on which America was built,” he said.

A reporter from Tulsa’s KTUL-TV went to the town where the stretch of road would be ceremonially renamed in Trump’s honor and spoke with people on the street about the proposed name change. Many didn’t seem to be in favor.

“The Donald Trump Highway?” said one resident.

“I don’t feel comfortable with that,” said another.

Reporter Burt Mummolo says that his team interviewed about a dozen people, even some who support Trump, and they were unanimous in that the name shouldn’t be changed. The respondents who said they supported Trump, but not the name change, cited the road’s status as an historical landmark.

Although Trump has his name on a lot of privately-owned properties held by his organization, he doesn’t have much in the way of public streets named after him, save for a street in Kalispell, Montana.