WWE News: Announcer Blasts Superstars For ‘Crying’ On Social Media Over Post-‘Crown Jewel’ Travel Issues

On the most recent episode of his After the Bell podcast, Friday Night SmackDown commentator Corey Graves criticized several of his WWE colleagues, calling them out for taking to social media to complain about the flight delays that kept most of the roster in Saudi Arabia well after last Thursday’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

As summarized by WrestlingNews.co, Graves blasted the wrestlers for “crying” on Twitter about what supposedly happened in Saudi Arabia as their flight was delayed and accused them of spreading “conspiracy theories” regarding the reason behind these issues. The heel commentator also mentioned Randy Orton as a superstar who kept quiet about the post-Crown Jewel debacle on social media and someone whose example his colleagues should have followed.

“If anybody has the right to speak his mind it would be Randy, but Randy understood that sh*t happens and Randy knew from his huge amount of experience that there was no point complaining,” read a Reddit member’s summarization of Graves’ comments on Orton, as cited by WrestlingNews.co.

Talking about the reports that WWE chose 20 wrestlers and other employees to board a second chartered flight that would make it to the United States in time for last week’s Friday Night SmackDown, Graves maintained that it was either WWE or Fox that made the decision to fly them back home. This, as noted, contradicts the promotion’s official statement, which claimed that several wrestlers “felt so strongly” about appearing on SmackDown that they “arranged for their own separate charter.”

Corey Graves calls an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

In the aforementioned Reddit user’s recap of Graves’ latest podcast episode, it was noted that the wrestler-turned-announcer talked about the reports that many wrestlers felt WWE owner Vince McMahon left his employees holding the proverbial bag when he flew home ahead of almost everyone else. According to Graves, there is no truth to such rumors, as McMahon has always been known to either go home or fly to the next city once a show is finished, in order for him to make sure everything is running smoothly with his company.

On the other hand, Graves reportedly did not address the rumors that McMahon delayed the live broadcast of Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia due to money-related issues with the country’s crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, It was the supposed conflict between McMahon and bin Salman that many wrestlers blamed for the flight delays, though WWE has maintained that its wrestlers were stranded in Saudi Arabia due to mechanical issues with the plane.