Where does the banks and Wall Street place in the Haitian relief?

Last night I wrote a bit of a list of the various tech companies and what they were doing regarding the relief effort for Haiti. Well today I figured that it would be interesting to see what the big rich boys on Wall Street and the banking industry are doing.

Trust me the list isn’t very long nor it is by any stretch of the imagine overly generous.

  • Goldman Sachs: The company that has been paying out record bonuses has chipped in a $1 million to be spread across The Red Cross, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee to Save the Children, and the World Food Programme. The company will also be matching any employee donations.
  • Morgan Stanley: Apparently they’re good for a $1 million donation on top of their already standard donation of $250,000 to the Red Cross
  • JP Morgan: They opened up their hearts to the tune of a $1 million
  • Bank of America: BoA is pledging $1 million as well as matching employee contributions.
  • Wells Fargo: they’re the cheapies with a donation of $100,000
  • CitiGroup: besides donating $2 million they have arranged for shipments of prepackage relief supplies through their partnership with Pan American Development Foundation. At the same time they arranged for a chartered private jet and security teams to rescue company employees that were in the destroyed bank building.

Isn’t nice to see all these filthy rich companies that are banking billions opening up their wallets the way that they are.

hat tip to Daily Intel