1 Million Free McMuffins To Be Handed Out In China

egg mcmuffin

Want a free McMuffin?All you have to do is get to China before Monday. McDonald’s will be giving out 1 million free McMuffins to Chinese customers next week.

Why? Well, because McDonald’s is a super-friendly corporation that just wants to give back to its customers. Or, it may be because the company doesn’t want to lose any customers after World Consumer Rights Day.

According to the Huffington Post, Chinese state television will run a special on corporate malpractice this week for World Consumer Rights Day. The news program, 3.15, much like America’s 60 Minutes, will dedicate itself this week to exposing the wrongdoings of major corporations. Last year, McDonald’s was criticized over food safety.

McDonald’s says that the 1 million free McMuffins is not connected in anyway to World Consumer Rights Day.

Vivian Zhang, senior director of communications at McDonald’s China, said: “We have been through it once and we know how it feels … (But) There is no connection (to World Consumer Rights Day).”

And maybe Zhang is telling the truth. Maybe McDonald’s, which recently released a yolk-free version of the McMuffin, is trying to clear out inventory or bring in customers to try the new sandwich.

Lynn Tan, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Taiwan, where another 300,000 McMuffins will be given away, told the Epoch Times: “Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. McDonald’s Taiwan knows well the full potential of the breakfast market in Taiwan.”


If you can’t make it too McDonald’s for a free McMuffin (and don’t feel like buying your own at your local restaurant) here’s a video showing how to make your own.

Do you think McDonald’s is giving away 1 million free McMuffins in order to counter some bad press? Or is this just the company’s way of saying thank you to its customers?