The RNC Reportedly Funded Thousands Of Automated Calls To Jam Up House Democrats’ Phone Lines

As President Donald Trump‘s impeachment investigation continues to heat up with House Democrats preparing for the next phase of the inquiry, his allies are apparently coming out in full force. A new report claims that the Republican National Committee used an automated phone blast tactic to tie up the lines of dozens of Democratic lawmakers.

According to The Hill, a report from The New York Times revealed that the RNC’s war chest was used to fund some 11,000 calls to Democratic lawmakers in an apparent effort to restrict access to the lawmakers amid the ongoing impeachment process. Two anonymous sources who were aware of the strategy reportedly provided the information to The New York Times.

The strategy involved two parts, as the RNC reportedly first hired a vendor to call prospective voters to ask of their opinions on Trump’s impeachment inquiry. Depending on how the voter responded, the call had the option of automatically dialing their Congressional representative, presumably to express their concerns directly.

The calls were only automated in the sense that they offered the ability to forward the caller to a Democratic lawmaker’s phone line, according to Republican committee officials’ account of the strategy to The New York Times.

The strategy was allegedly discussed during the so-called “Off the Record” dinner attended by various GOP aides and advisers before it was executed, according to The New York Times‘ sources.

RNC spokesman Mike Reed told The New York Times that their supporters “are incredibly fired up to help us fight this impeachment charade.”

“Our ‘stop the madness’ campaign has helped hundreds of thousands of voters get the information they need to reach out to their Democrat representatives and tell them to drop the phony impeachment inquiry and get back to work for the American people,” Reed added.

President Donald Trump talks to journalists while departing the White House November 04, 2019.

The phone jam tactic comes amid a previous report by The Inquisitr that Republicans are virtually in full alignment in their attempt to discredit and derail the Democrat-led impeachment investigation. This includes the original whistleblower who was seemingly the final puzzle piece for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to announce the official impeachment inquiry.

Congressional Republicans are reportedly staying consistent with their messaging to the public that the impeachment process is unfair to the president. They continue to claim that it’s a partisan tactic with the hopes of eventually removing Trump from office.

Trump’s GOP allies are also dialing in on total disruption of the impeachment process with the hopes of creating some level of doubt among the public, presumably to alter their perception of whether or not impeachment, in the present case, is the right strategy moving forward.