‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Shares Her Tips For Improving Mental & Physical Health

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight that she is finding ways to improve her overall mental and physical health by putting herself first. This comes after many years of reportedly not doing so. She also shared her tips for prioritizing self-care.

The actress revealed to the celebrity news site that she has realized that a person putting their own personal health first does not make them selfish.

“You can take care of yourself and not be selfish. You can make sure to prioritize how you feel,” she said to Entertainment Tonight. “And I think that that’s something that I didn’t do for a very long time and I’m doing that now and that feels great.”

Ariel also said that she is working out more consistently and going to therapy every week.

During an appearance at the Kids in the Spotlight charity event (benefiting foster care youth), the actress revealed that she continues to struggle with her feelings about her weight. She once detailed to Entertainment Tonight that she couldn’t shed any weight, even though she was exercising, because the anti-depressant medication she was taking was having an effect on her body.

This issue has since been rectified due to a change in medication, and Ariel stated she feels “healthier” since doing so.

Ariel also noted that she has changed up her exercise routine to include sports that she didn’t previously enjoy, such as tennis and softball.


Ariel has always been open about trying to improve her overall health and tries to encourage her fans to do the same.

The actress told E! News in July of this year that she prioritizes working out so that she doesn’t have to give up her favorite foods such as pasta, cheese, and candy. She also revealed that she cannot stick to diets and that cutting out her favorite foods is not something she can commit to for a long period of time.

She is a firm believer in moderation and allows herself treats as long as she commits to working out and eating healthfully most of the time.


“If I can’t have something, if I’m told I can’t have it, I want it. Like, I can’t be without it,” she revealed to E! News.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress was feeling confident enough in her body to wear a plunging top and tight jeans on the set of Modern Family, which is closing its run after 11 seasons on ABC.


In the above photo, Ariel is posed alongside her handsome longtime castmates, Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez.

Modern Family is currently airing its final season on ABC.

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