‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers Tease Scrambling By Nikolas Cassadine & Another ‘Shocking Return’

Rebecca SappGetty Images for L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade

A new preview is out and teasing juicy General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 4. Nikolas Cassadine is alive and back in Port Charles, but he is nowhere near ready to reveal himself to everybody in town. The new sneak peek also hints at another surprising return, although fans may already have that one pieced together.

The new video clip was shared via the show’s Instagram page on Monday morning. It looks as if the return of Nikolas will be the main focus throughout these next few episodes. Actor Marcus Coloma has taken over the role with this back-from-the-dead reprisal and so far, the Cassadine heir has interacted with Ava Jerome, Jasper Jax, and Hayden Barnes.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nik will go be insistent that his mother, Laura Spencer Collins, not find out he is alive. In fact, at one point this week, Laura will show up at Jax’s door while Nik is there. For now, she’ll be left in the dark.

This preview suggests that Jax will be tapped to do a lot of scrambling to help keep Nik’s return under the radar. In addition to manipulating Laura to keep her from discovering this bombshell, it seems that Jax will visit Ava Jerome at Shadybrook. His goal with that visit will surely be to plant more seeds of doubt in Ava’s mind about that stunning interaction she had with Nikolas.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview note that Julian Jerome will be threatening Brad Cooper and throwing an ultimatum at him. The buzz is that Brad will soon learn that Julian is the person behind the flowers and risque picture he received, sneaky things Julian did to drive a wedge between Brad and his husband Lucas Jones.

Julian will pressure Brad to split from Lucas and leave town, seemingly believing that would resolve the baby swap issue. Brad may be panicked and backed into a corner here, but fans know that Brad can cause his fair share of trouble when he wants to and Julian might not want to underestimate him.

Viewers will get another “shocking return” of some nature, and it seems likely this refers to the “return” of Dr. Tony Jones. Lucas will have a ghostly visit of some nature with Tony this week and it is expected that fans will see that happen during Friday’s show.

Sam McCall and Cassandra Pierce will be doing some work in the park at some point this week and SheKnows Soaps hints that something will have Cassandra rattled. There’s action involving Franco, Elizabeth, Alexis, and Finn coming up this week too and General Hospital spoilers tease that fans have a lot to look forward to during these next few shows.