November 3, 2019
FOX News Host Grills Kellyanne Conway On Impeachment: 'Isn't That The Definition Of A Quid Pro Quo?'

Kellyanne Conway went on FOX News Sunday, but she wasn't greeted with the friendly reception that the network often gives people in the Donald Trump administration. Instead, she was harshly grilled by Chris Wallace regarding the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

According to Mediaite, the White House special counselor went on a media tour to discuss a broad range of issues. But the conversation got heated when the pair started discussing the closed-door interviews that Democrats have been holding. Wallace pointed out to Conway that Republicans have utilized similar tactics in the past.

"Why is it okay for Republicans, when they are in charge, to conduct hearings, depositions, interviews behind closed doors but its unacceptable for Democrats?" Wallace asked her.

Instead of answering the question, Conway turned the topic to Hillary Clinton. The Benghazi investigation focused on Clinton, and Republicans used closed-door meetings to investigate the matter, but Conway said that the Trump impeachment and any other sort of Congressional investigation can't be compared.

Wallace then focused on the phone call between Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky and Trump, in which the president is accused of withholding aid from the country in order to pressure its leader into investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Wallace pointed out that several foreign policy officials have testified that Trump repeatedly attempted to withhold aid in order to put pressure on the country to force an investigation that could benefit him politically.

"Isn't that the definition of a quid pro quo?" Wallace asked.

Wallace went on to say that the president had apparently made attempts to pressure Ukraine beyond the phone call.

"Let's just say that President Trump did condition giving the military aid, withheld it, and said it will be given out only if you investigate Joe Biden," said Wallace. "Is that an impeachable offense?"

Conway dismissed the question as "hypothetical" and said that it wouldn't count as the type of offense that warrants impeachment.

She went on to argue that the aid was eventually released to Ukraine, but Wallace argued that the timeline doesn't look good for the president.

"Kellyanne, the president didn't release the aid until the story was out," Wallace said.

Trump has pushed back on the investigation, saying that the impeachment inquiry is a "witch hunt" and, as The Inquisitr previously reported, has said that the process is an "attack on democracy itself."

Trump has denied any wrongdoing in the matter and calls his conversations with Ukraine "perfect."