2020 Presidential Polls: Close To Half Of All Voters Have Already Decided They Won’t Vote For Donald Trump

The 2020 presidential election is still more than a year away, but half of all voters have already decided they won’t be casting a ballot for Donald Trump, a new poll shows.

As NBC News reported, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed that close to half of all registered voters will not vote for Trump, no matter who is representing the Democratic Party next year. A total of 46 percent said they are certain to vote against Trump while 34 percent said they will certainly vote to re-elect the president in 2020. That left 17 percent who said they could consider voting for Trump depending on who wins the Democratic nomination.

The report noted that this leaves almost no margin of error for Trump as he seeks to pick up the undecided voters.

“Do the math and the figures suggest that Trump needs to win nearly all of that ‘depends on the nominee’ vote to win the popular vote in 2020,” the report said.

The poll found that the numbers were identical in what it identified as 11 “swing states,” which included Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin — three states that Trump won by razor-thin margins in 2016. In those states, 46 percent of voters said they have already decided not to vote for Trump next year. Without these states, Trump might not have a clear path to victory.

Trump may not get much of a reprieve from the Democratic Primary. Despite recently losing some of his lead, former Vice President Joe Biden remains the race’s front-runner and has consistently been the strongest candidate in hypothetical head-to-head matchups with Trump. Poll aggregation from Real Clear Politics shows that Biden beats Trump by an average of nearly 9 points, putting him top of all Democratic candidates. If Biden can hold onto his lead in Democratic primary polling and win the nomination, it could be even more difficult for Trump to win over the undecided voters.

Polls show that Trump trails all other Democratic front-runners in hypothetical head-to-head matchups, though by smaller margins than he loses to Biden.

Donald Trump has seen troubling signs in other polls as well, even with his own party. As The Inquisitr reported, recent polling showed that support for impeaching the president was on the rise, both among all Americans and even specifically with Republican voters. Overall support for impeachment is now close to 50 percent in many polls. Trump’s overall job approval continues to dip as well, falling below 40 percent in some polls released this week.