‘Fox & Friends’ Claims Donald Trump Was Cheered At UFC Appearance After Video Shows Deafening Boos

Steven RyanGetty Images

Donald Trump was met with loud boos on Saturday as he made an appearance at UFC 244 in Manhattan, but viewers watching Fox & Friends on Sunday may have gotten a different story.

The Fox News morning show — a favorite of Trump’s — covered the president’s appearance at the UFC event in Madison Square Garden, where multiple videos from the event showed the crowd erupting in boos when Trump entered and made his way to his seat. The appearance came just days after Trump was booed during a World Series appearance, and the videos of the unwelcome greeting for Trump gained viral interest.

But as Business Insider noted, Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth claimed that the crowd actually showed its appreciation for “the brawler style of a brawler president.” Ed Henry added that the videos where loud boos could be heard erupting through the crowd were actually showing cheers.

“There are some media outlets that are saying they mostly heard boos. This has become so juvenile,” he said. “If you actually listen to the audio and the video, there clearly were a ton of cheers. And who cares? The president was clearly trying to have a fun night.”

The apparent attempt to cover up the jeers Trump received garnered some viral attention for Fox News, with Business Insider picking up on the supposedly dishonest coverage and others mentioning in on social media.

This is the second time in a matter of days that Fox News has been accused of trying to cover for the president. As Media Matters reported, a Fox News segment earlier in the week appeared to edit out the loud boos that greeted the president when he was announced at Nationals Park during Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday.

A side-by-side video of the clip showed on Fox News along with the actual stadium audio showed that the conservative cable news network apparently drowned out the loud boos. Co-host Jillian Mele claimed that Trump was met with a “mixed reaction” at the game, despite what appeared to be a universally unhappy reaction from the crowd on all other videos.

Donald Trump visited the mixed martial arts event on Saturday as a guest of UFC President Dana White, who has been a big donor to Trump’s campaign. He attended UFC 244 along with a group of allies, including sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. President Trump sat near ringside, following the fights closely and even getting out of his seat at one point to get a better view.