Don Lemon: Donald Trump Did Not Have A ‘Bad Week,’ He ‘Might Be Stronger Than You Think’

On Saturday, CNN host Don Lemon warned his viewers that President Donald Trump “might be stronger than you think,” Mediaite reports.

Earlier this week, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives officiated the impeachment inquiry by passing a formal vote, Lemon reminded his viewers, opining that the president has nevertheless come out on top.

“In Trump world, that’s not actually a bad week,” he said, arguing that the fact that Trump has seemingly managed to maintain support from virtually all Republicans in the United States Congress shows that he is handling the situation well.

“The House voted to advance the impeachment inquiry, but the president managed to keep Republicans in line, not losing a single one,” he said, adding that the president even gained “two Democrats,” referring to two Democratic lawmakers who refused to vote in support of the inquiry.

Furthermore, Lemon reminded his viewers, the Trump campaign is successfully fundraising off of impeachment, having hauled $3 million on the day of the vote.

The host also pointed to polls, the vast majority of which suggests that Americans remain divided along partisan lines, with a majority of Democrats backing the inquiry, and a majority of Republicans opposing it.

Trump, according to Lemon, “may be stronger than you think.”

The anchor also discussed the president’s past appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events, playing video footage from one of them.

“That’s all real,” he said.

“He’s the president now, wasn’t then, but still,” the host added, reasserting that Trump might be stronger than people tend to believe.

“Like I said, this president just might be stronger than you think,” he said, jokingly adding that WWE footage featuring Trump is “not real, so he doesn’t have to be real strong to do that.”

“Maybe we mean that metaphorically,” he clarified.

According to House Democrats, Trump committed an impeachable offense when he allegedly pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The president pressured Ukraine, according to a White House whistleblower, in order to damage Biden’s presidential campaign.

Earlier today, the president boasted that all Republicans are backing him up, arguing that the party is now more “unified” than ever before while insulting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and alleging that the Democratic Party is hurting its own electoral chances by pursuing impeachment.

Polls suggest otherwise, however, with most recent surveys showing that support for impeachment is slowly growing, unlike the president’s approval rating.

For instance, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC poll, 74 percent of Republican voters approve of Trump’s job performance.