Farrah Abraham Accuses Jenelle Evans Of Filing For Divorce Just To Get Her MTV Job Back


Farrah Abraham initially supported fellow Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans after she announced her divorce this week, but now is casting doubt on Jenelle’s intentions.

Evans took to Instagram this week to share that she had filed for divorce from husband David Eason, following a chaotic few months during which he was accused of killing the family’s dog and the couple temporarily lost custody of their kids. As David was under police investigation for the alleged dog-killing incident, MTV decided to pull the plug on Jenelle’s career, firing her from the Teen Mom series.

The announcement led to a number of reactions from fellow Teen Mom stars, and now Farrah Abraham is speaking out to question whether Jenelle had ulterior motives for her filing. After a number of reports that Jenelle was hoping that MTV might reconsider her firing if she cut ties with her controversial estranged husband.

As OK! Magazine noted, Farrah said that some other members of the Teen Mom franchise had been advising Jenelle to file for divorce. Farrah said that she thought filing for divorce would be what’s best for Jenelle and her kids, and even David as well. But Farrah became more critical after hearing the reports that Jenelle was only cutting ties so she could try and revive her reality television career.

“I think women like myself and others, who just want better crews and better circumstances for our kids, we do the right things beyond just wanting to go back to television,” Farrah said.

“Will things change when she gets a divorce just to go back to TV? I’m just a little bit confused about her real intentions. Is it for her safety, her health and everyone’s wellbeing or is it just to get back on TV?”

Farrah concluded that she hoped Jenelle wasn’t just divorcing David to get back on television.

The sentiment was a bit different from Farrah’s initial reaction, as The Inquisitr noted that she expressed support for Jenelle and said that divorcing David was the right decision. Other Teen Mom stars who spoke out also stood behind Jenelle, especially after the very public troubles that she and David had throughout their relationship.

While it’s not clear whether Jenelle was hoping to get back on television, there have been reports that she is struggling with her post-television business endeavors. As The Inquisitr reported, her cosmetics line suffered from poor sales and was dropped by its manufacturing and public relations company.