Cynthia Bailey Confirms That Her Wedding To Fiance Mike Hill Will Air On 'RHOA'

Elizabeth Randolph

Cynthia Bailey says that she will share her wedding to Mike Hill with the fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The former runway model and reality star confirmed to Us Weekly that her second wedding will be captured by the Bravo show's cameras. She said that her decision to marry the newscaster in front of millions of viewers was something that she didn't take lightly.

She also shared that her fans have watched various moments of her life since she first appeared on the show back in 2009, including her first marriage to her ex-husband, Peter Thomas. Bailey said that it will be important for her fans to see her get it right with Hill.

"It would be totally unfair for them [her fans] not to see my happily ever after," Bailey said. "I want to share it with them because I'm in a great place and I'm happy, and they've seen me not always so happy."

While Bailey and Hill have agreed to have their wedding filmed, the couple is still in the beginning phases of planning. The couple became engaged back in July, and the model said that the two have some more things to straighten out before they head down the aisle.

"We did decide the date, and we know where it's going to be," she revealed. "I don't have a venue, but at least I know what state it's going to be in, so we're excited about that. We're still in the beginning stages of planning everything, but you can rest assure it will be a wedding to remember, no matter how big or small it is."

In addition to sharing their vows on camera, Hill is also set to appear on several episodes of Season 12 of RHOA.

The series returns to Bravo on Sunday, November 3.