Mom Claims Jesus Told Her To Drown 3-Year-Old Son

A mom claimed that Jesus told her to drown her three-year-old son in a puddle. The Mesa, Arizona woman was reportedly caught holding her son’s face down in a puddle late last week.

Witnesses report hearing the child scream as Victoria Soliz, age 30, forced his face into a puddle. A neighbor called 911 and plead with the woman to stop. She reportedly seemed unfazed as she searched for a larger puddle. Despite the protests she proceeded to push his face into another puddle.

As reported by Phoenix New Times, she appeared to be attempting CPR on the toddler when authorities arrived. Deputies report that Soliz appeared unstable and disoriented when they arrived. Soliz was arrested at the scene before she and her son were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Although much of what she said was described as “strange and incomprehensible,” authorities report that the mom claimed Jesus told her to drown her son. Soliz stated that she suffers from schizophrenia and admitted to taking Methamphetamine as a form of self-medication. Soliz’s choice of treatment may have contributed to her altered mental state.

Methamphetamine is a stimulant traditionally used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder commonly referred to as ADHD. As discussed at, Methamphetamine is habit-forming and is commonly abused.

There are many potentially dangerous side-effects which should be monitored by a doctor. Unusual behavior and hallucinations, as observed in Soliz, are listed as possible serious side-effects.

As reported by ABC 15, Soliz eventually admitted that she did push her son’s face into a puddle, but was unsure how she got outside. She told deputies that her son was forced to the ground and was being held by an “electric shock.” She further stated that once she realized he was choking she tried to perform CPR.

Although the mom claims Jesus told her to drown her son, deputies have charged her with felony child abuse.

[Image via Wikimedia]