AEW News: Former WWE Superstar Criticizes Company, Calls Them ‘All Petite’

Rob Van Dam turned heel in Impact Wrestling recently, and he’s been taking shots at All Elite Wrestling on social media since then. Earlier this week, the former WWE superstar took to Twitter to criticize the company, and the wrestlers who founded it.

“People who think their opinions are facts are really ignorant. According to my values — which are the only ones that matter to me — Impact is way better than whatever else you’re marking out on. Most of those All Petite cuts don’t even look like professional wrestlers. Truthfully, I was a small 235 lb wrestler because the average guys were closer to 300 lbs and I was the only one creating and doing RVD moves. Now the average wrestler is 190 lbs and they all do my s***. Elite = petite.”

Prior to his recent comments, Van Dam described AEW as a step down after a fan suggested that he join the upstart promotion. While his recent comments can be interpreted as being in line with his newfound heel persona, his remarks about the size of AEW’s superstars align with other critics of the roster.

The physical attributes of AEW’s roster has been a focal point lately. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Davey Boy Smith Jr. stated that the company lacks heavyweight superstars, while also revealing that he’d really like to be a part of the company to fill that niche.

Furthermore, Marko Stunt has been the brunt of much criticism lately due to his small stature. He was pushed in the inaugural Tag Team Championship tournament, which prompted an outcry from popular pundits such as Jim Cornette. Chris Jericho subsequently jumped to Stunt’s defence by comparing him to Rey Mysterio.

However, Van Dam also appears to be criticizing what is arguably the hottest wrestling company in the world as a way of promoting Impact Wrestling. He’s signed with Impact Wrestling for the foreseeable future, and criticizing the opposition is a great way to bring attention to his brand.

As noted by WrestleZone, Van Dam has been complimentary toward AEW in the past. When the company initially opened, he revealed that he thinks it’s great for the business, and he didn’t rule out joining the company if it made sense to him from a financial standpoint.

When Van Dam returned to Impact Wrestling earlier this year, he was open about the fact that he joined for the money. If an AEW opportunity presents itself down the line, he might be open to joining the promotion.