Jim Carrey Did ‘Burt Wonderstone’ Because He Had ‘No Other Options’

Jim Carrey reflects on his career

Actor Jim Carrey starred in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone because his career has left him with “no other options.”

During a presser in Las Vegas, the 51-year-old comedic actor talked about his career, seemingly lamenting his participation in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

“This is my Vegas camouflage,” he joked of his apparel, large sunglasses and a sparkling gold blazer. “If I walk around town in this (jacket) no one can see me. It’s fantastic. It’s the way I blend in in this town. Isn’t it nice? I mugged Gustav Klimt,” Carrey joked.

Currently in Vegas promoting Burt Wonderstone, which opens Friday, Carrey talked about his character, a Sin City magician who threatens a has-been competitor played by Steve Carell.

“This is the guy with the Christ complex,” Carrey said of the role. “This is the guy who looks at other people like he knows everything and they know nothing, and their problems amuse him.”

The Associated Press notes that Carrey’s Burt Wonderstone character is probably his darkest among the comedic roles he has played throughout his career.

“I could never be the type of person who thinks, `Now this works. So, I’m just going to do this forever,'” Carrey said.

Carrey’s career has cooled in recent years, but the actor stays busy with a solo exhibition of his paintings last year and an upcoming children’s book, which he did in part for his grandson, born to daughter Erin in February 2010.

“Sometimes when you go to a movie, that can be that. But when you read your kid a story, that is just a little slice of heaven,” he said.

Carrey has also ventured into music, teaming up with indie-rock band The Eels for his new single “Cold Dead Hand,” an anti-gun anthem. Charlton Heston would not like it,” Carrey remarked.

So why is Carrey branching out and trying new things at this stage in his career? The seemingly maudlin actor merely says he doesn’t have anywhere else to go, but that he enjoys experimenting with new avenues of creativity.

“You know, I’m always risking it and pushing it,” Carrey said. “I’ve got nowhere to go. I have no other options. I don’t have a trade.”

Are you a fan of Jim Carrey? The Incredible Burt Wonderstone opens March 15, 2013.