Julie Chen Dresses Up As Four More Famous ‘Big Brother’ Houseguests, Fueling All-Star Season Rumors

Robert VoetsCBS

Notorious Big Brother host Julie Chen has not slowed down on Twitter this past week, after sharing a cryptic post which hinted at an all-stars season. The 49-year-old started the buzz on October 25 when she shared an image of the background wall in the Big Brother diary room. Shortly after, she dressed up as BB16 houseguest Zach Rance, and some fans believed this was some sort of Halloween joke Julie was a part of. Others ran with the all-stars season rumors, which many have been hoping for since fans of the show haven’t generally been happy with the last few years of the reality program.

Since her post of Zach, Julie has dressed up as four other houseguests from Big Brother’s past, and even more fans are jumping aboard the all-star train. On October 29, Julie dressed as one of the Wackstreet Boys, sporting an all-white getup and a blue bandanna while she busted some dance moves. The Wackstreet Boys punishment hails from Season 17 where Liz Nolan, Jason Roy, and Johnny Mac had to dress up as a boy band and perform for their houseguests whenever prompted by production.

On October 30, Julie dressed up in a frog costume paired with a long blond braid. She mimicked Nicole Franzel with her thick black-framed glasses, and the rumors continued to grow. Nicole has already appeared in two seasons of Big Brother and took home the victory her second time around.

On Halloween, Julie channeled her inner “Chilltown” and alluded to former houseguests Mike “Boogie” Malin, Shannon Dragoo, and Will Kirby. Chilltown is known as the first alliance in Big Brother history and hailed from Season 2. With Halloween now over, Julie posted her most recent dress-up picture as Paul Abrahamian from BB18 and BB19 on November 1. Paul was the runner-up in both of his seasons but lost a lot of fans in BB19 as many began to find him annoying.

Since some thought Julie’s dress-up was all about Halloween fun, her most recent post as Paul has some changing their minds.

“Despite what everyone is saying here, is BBAS2 is happening, Paul deserves a spot. He got 2 runner-up placements, 2 votes away from half a million bucks. As they always say, third times the charm,” one fan tweeted.

“Ok. Halloween is over. What are you doing to us,” one fan questioned at Julie’s November 1 post.

There has not been a November 2 post from Julie at this time, but fans are staying glued to her Twitter feed to see if any more costumes pop up.