John Legend Threw Shade At Kanye West And Then Tried To Backtrack

In a recent interview for the December 2019 edition of Vanity Fair, John Legend appeared to throw some shade at Kanye West. When asked about the rapper, Legend said that he and West weren’t the best of friends. The media latched on to the comment and before long Legend had to go on Twitter to defend himself and clarify what he meant, according to Vulture. He claims he didn’t mean the remark as it was interpreted.

This particular edition of Vanity Fair features Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen on the covers. Within the interview portion of the story, Legend’s back story with West was brought up.

It was then that Legend is quoted saying that he and the “Jesus is King” rapper “were never the closest of friends.” He prefaces his statement by saying he was “not trying to disown Kanye.”

Nevertheless, the story quickly gained a life of its own for one major reason. West discovered Legend and helped him start his music career. In addition, Legend signed West’s G.O.O.D Music label. Thus, it could be said that Legend might not be as successful as he is today had it not been for the assistance of West.

On Twitter, Legend clarified that he had not meant to insult Kanye, as he meant to imply that he and West were friends but had never been at a level of closeness in which they would confide to one another about tough personal issues regarding grief and loss. Thus, Legend could not speak about the loss West endured in his life. The loss Legend is referencing on the part of West is that of his mother, Dr. Donda West who died unexpectedly in 2007.

“I was explaining to the reporter how I’ve seen people I love reacting to the deaths of their mothers. I was thinking specifically of my mom, Chrissy’s mom, and others. Then [the reporter] asked me if I was referring to Kanye as well after Dr. West died. And I told her I wasn’t really in a position to say because while Kanye [sic] have a long friendship and have a made a lot of great music, we weren’t close on the level of confiding in each other about grief.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, West’s new album “Jesus is King” was recently released. The album touches further upon West’s family life and faith. It also delves into more controversial issues such as politics and even makes several pointed remarks about President Donald Trump, who West is known for supporting.