‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap: Chelsea Disappoints Nick

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, November 1, includes an announcement from Nick even though both Nikki and Chelsea manage to disappoint him. Plus, Chelsea receives an unwelcome visitor, and Nate tells off Victor.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) prepared to make his announcement about running for the city council while Victor (Eric Braeden) snuck candy for breakfast and decided to watch The Price is Right. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) undressed Nick, and it was not for grown-up fun. She advised him to become his down to earth self instead of a suit and tie businessman.

Later, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) showed up, and Nick asked her to be his campaign manager. After all, Nikki knows all about politics, given her history. However, Nikki refused to help her son in any official capacity in order to avoid causing him issues with her connection to Newman Enterprises. Eventually, Nick secured her promise to help in an unofficial capacity.

Then, Nikki helped coach a nervous Nick. They went over all the things he needed to say during his announcement. Finally, when he was ready for his big press conference, Nick tried to wait for Chelsea, but she never showed up. Nikki urged her son to move forward without Chelsea there, so he did so even though he clearly felt disappointed and worried about Chelsea’s well being.

Meanwhile, Chelsea found herself with an unwelcome visitor. Simon Black (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) greeted her as Chelsea Boudreaux. Chelsea hadn’t met him before, but Simon claimed he was Chelsea’s late husband, Calvin’s partner. It seemed that Simon’s half of his money with Calvin was missing, and Simon demanded Chelsea reunite him with his cash.

While Chelsea played dumb with Simon, she later asked Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to get her money back as soon as possible. Unfortunately for Chelsea, Kevin couldn’t. The feds had frozen all the cash at the bank as part of an investigation, and Chelsea was left with Simon breathing down her neck about his missing money. When she heard the bad news.Chelsea hyperventilated.


Also, Kevin ran into Victor at Society, and they argued about Kevin and Chloe’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) return to Genoa City. Victor initially helped Chloe leave, and part of their agreement was that Chloe would not return. However, all that has apparently been voided since they eventually arrived at a compromise.


The encounter with Kevin wasn’t Victor’s only run in for the day, though. Nate (Sean Dominic) and his lawyer Amanda (Mishael Morgan) also had words with The Mustache. Victor seemed astonished by Amanda’s resemblance to Hilary. Then, Nate told Victor about his legal troubles. Because Nate helped Victor fake his demise, Nate is in danger of losing his license. Victor immediately agreed to help.

However, that wasn’t good enough for Nate, and he went off on his patient about how terribly he behaved. Luckily for Nate, Victor didn’t get too upset about Nate’s tongue lashing, and he still agreed to help the doctor retain his medical license. After Nate and Amanda left, Victor made a call to somebody and ordered them to come up with a complete history on Amanda.

Meanwhile, Amanda told Nate he’d better heed her advice and avoid making Victor angry. She planned to use Nate’s willingness to save Victor’s life as the central part of her defense. If Nate fails to listen to Amanda, he might end up kissing his medical license and his career goodbye.