Razor Blades And Other Metal Objects Found Inserted Into Halloween Candy In An Ohio Neighborhood

Children trick-or-treating in a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood brought home candy that had razor blades and other metal objects inserted into it, Dayton’s The Cincinnati Enquirer reports. No children are believed to have been injured.

Colerain Township police say they received two reports of razor blades hidden in candy from parents who visited the same neighborhood.

In one case, a father says that his son thought something was amiss with the wrapping of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. He inspected it, and he claims that he found a razor blade embedded in the candy.

It’s widely considered a best practice to inspect your kids’ Halloween candy for adulteration before letting them eat it. In another case, a mother says that she was inspecting her daughter’s candy, simply as a routine precaution, when she found a razor blade embedded in a piece of candy in the most painful way possible.

“One of the parents noticed it when she fanned the candy out. She actually sliced her finger open,” said Sgt. Scott Owen.

Police believe that the allegedly-adulterated candy came from somewhere within a five-block area, which they say is too big of an area to conduct a door-to-door search for a suspect. However, police do have what could be considered a key piece of evidence in their possession.

“We have the razor blades and we’ll try to see if we can get any DNA off them,” said Owen.

Police are also not discounting the possibility that the whole thing could be a hoax. Indeed, Owen says that this type of thing has never happened in his career in law enforcement.

“I’ve heard about it and seen it on the news, but we’ve never encountered it before here so this is a first,” he said.

a razor blade removed from its package

According to Dayton’s WHIO-TV, the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has offered up the use of its X-ray machines so parents can check their kids’ Halloween candy for metal adulterants.

This is one of at least two incidents of razor blades in Halloween candy to be reported in the news this Halloween season. As reported Friday by The Inquisitr, a Connecticut man allegedly put razor blades into children’s Halloween bags. In this case, however, the blades were loose in the bags, and not inserted into the candy, as in the Ohio case. No children were injured in the Connecticut case.

Although the prospect seems frightening, the reality is that cases of foreign objects in Halloween candy given out to strangers’ children are few and far between, and no child has ever been seriously injured by a razor blade or needle inserted into Halloween candy.

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