Kelly Ripa Shows Off ‘Time Warp’ Moves And Nose Job Secret Miracle Ahead Of ‘Live’ Halloween

As she prepared for the special Live With Kelly And Ryan Halloween costumes extravaganza, co-host Kelly Ripa took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at her makeup and special moves for the hotly anticipated morning show.

In her Instagram story, Ripa and her makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, showed off a distinctive nose trick (or treat), which Ripa revealed fans asked about. Starting at her inner eyebrows, with makeup, Buckle drew almost impossibly dark brown lines down the sides of Ripa’s nose.

“We call it the instant nose job,” Ripa revealed.

“It’s not a surgeon. It’s not a miracle,” Buckle added.

“Well, it is a miracle,” Ripa countered.

The secret to the special nose trick is blending. As they discussed it, Buckle expertly blended the makeup into Ripa’s nose, providing her a contoured look without the pain of a nose job. While Buckle claimed it took a mere 25 minutes, Ripa said that it took her four-and-a-half hours to create such a look.

Next, Ripa sported an incredible black with white fringed cowgirl jacket with a purple and yellow skull and crossbones on the back, a white ghost with a pumpkin on the arm, and a purple and teal cactus on the front. Under the coat, Ripa wore a black button-up shirt. The boot-cut bottoms were black and featured white fringe, highlighting her backside and some white stitching on the front. A black belt with a silver belt buckle held up the pants. As she danced, the blond beauty’s hair hung in waves over either shoulder and, at one point, she placed a big black cowgirl hat atop her head while she lip-synched to the music. Purple cowboy boots completed the look, and the former soap star danced in them like an expert.

In the background, “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Show played. For several clips, the Live co-host showed off her impeccable dance moves, which made the fringe on the detailed costume shake as somebody laughed in the background and declared the whole thing reminded him of every wedding he went to as a child. Multiple times during her performance, Ripa noted she wished she could move her arms in the getup.

The costume was one of Ripa’s many on today’s hotly-anticipated Halloween episode of the CBS Daytime talk show she hosts with Ryan Seacrest. The duo completed several costume changes throughout the morning, and they ended the show dressed up as Barbie and Ken on roller skates.

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