Ariana Grande Totally Transforms Her Face For ‘The Twilight Zone’ Halloween Costume

Ariana Grande decided to pay homage to one of the most memorable episodes of The Twilight Zone with her impressive Halloween costume.

On Wednesday, Ariana took to Instagram to show off the freakish facial prosthetics that were part of her Halloween getup. In a black-and-white snapshot, her flawless face has been completely transformed into that of a nightmarish monster. Her fake nose is an upturned snout similar to that of a pig, and her low protruding brow makes it look like she has a frown frozen on her face. Her misshapen mouth is lip-less with a massive overbite. The corners are severely downturned, adding to her angry expression. She also has deep ridges on her cheeks that make her eyes look sunken in.

However, while her faux facial structure might be twisted and deformed, the rest of Ariana Grande’s look is glamorous. She’s wearing long false lashes that are curled up at the ends, and her shiny hair has been pulled up into a high sleek ponytail that curls up over her shoulders. She’s wearing a pair of elegant opera gloves and a fur stole, and she has diamond chandelier earrings dangling from her ears. Ariana is also holding a cigarette as she gazes intently into the camera.

In the caption of her post, Ariana revealed that her look is based on a famous 1960 episode of The Twilight Zone titled “Eye of the Beholder.”

Before she unveiled her Halloween costume, Ariana teased it in a series of posts that included video clips from the Twilight Zone classic. In it, a woman with a heavily bandaged face has just undergone a cosmetic procedure. It’s revealed that all of the doctors and nurses caring for her think that what’s underneath those wrappings looks horrific. However, she begs them to let her see the results of the surgery.

When her face is uncovered, viewers see what most would consider a beautiful young woman. However, it’s then revealed that most of the other inhabitants of her world have the facial features that Ariana Grande so perfectly replicated for her Halloween costume. The young woman is distraught, not just because she thinks that she looks hideous, but because her perceived ugliness results in her being exiled to a community populated by other undesirables.

Ariana Grande’s tribute to The Twilight Zone didn’t stop with her freakish facial prosthetics; she also revealed that some of her Halloween decorations are inspired by the classic sci-fi series. She shared a video of a dizzying light spiral that she’s projecting onto her front door, an obvious reference to the opening credits of the chilling show.

Fans are used to seeing Ariana Grande in less creepy costumes, like the angelic outfit that she wears in the “Don’t Call Me Angel” music video. However, in response to a fan who asked Ariana what her “cute” costume is going to be this year, she revealed that she’s fully committing to her Twilight Zone theme by wearing her “Eye of the Beholder” costume again instead of rocking a different look on Halloween night.

“I’ve abandoned it. i’ve committed to my theme. reapplying my prosthetics and serving a new haunted hotel twilight zone hostess look,” Ariana tweeted. “Nothing makes me more feel more joy. even if i can’t breathe or drink or eat.”

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