Protagonize Is A Good Read, Help Write “FriendFeed Fan”

Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction.

Stories on Protagonize start with one author writing a story, and others post branches or chapters to it in different directions. The result is an organic, evolving story where anyone can participate.

Registered members get their own author profile page, can write new stories, branches and chapters, add page markers, subscribe to their favorite authors, add comments, rate stories, keep track of update
notifications, follow conversations between authors, and more.

I’ve seen attempts a collaborative writing projects before, more recently with Cameron Reilly’s Twittories project. Protagonize takes the collaborative path more seriously by offering better accessibility that increases participation.

A service is only as good as how its parts work in action, so I’ve seeded a story titled “FriendFeed Fan” in my best attempt of chic-lit meets technophilia. It’s the story of Melissa, a Twitter refugee who ends up at FriendFeed. The branch suggestions include Scoble, Louis Gray or simply finding love. More here and feel free to build on the story, it may be the first time FriendFeed has been used in modern literature 🙂