Donald Trump More ‘Paranoid’ And ‘Out Of Touch With Reality’ As Pressure Mounts, Says Harvard Psychiatrist

A Harvard psychiatrist who believes Donald Trump is in a “psychotic-like state” says that the president is becoming increasingly paranoid and “out of touch with reality” as the pressure against him mounts. According to an interview with Raw Story, a former assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard says that Trump is in a downward spiral mentally and emotionally.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dr. Lance Dodes told MSNBC that Trump’s behavior is concerning. He explained that the president doesn’t like being challenged, and when he is, he becomes more mentally unstable. The psychiatrist, who contributed to the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, was one of the first experts to weigh in on Trump’s mental health, suggesting that the president may have signs of narcissism.

Now, Dodes is expanding on his opinion. He says that as the impeachment inquiry centered on his conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelinsky ramps up against the president, Trump is becoming increasingly unstable.

“The more pressure Trump is under, the worse he gets, the more desperate he gets. Challenges are a fundamental threat to him, so Trump will become more and more panicked by them,” Dodes said. “He will do more and more impulsive things — really anything — and will look crazier and crazier because he’ll become more and more paranoid.”

As things get worse, Trump will retreat into his own world, Dodes predicts. The doctor believes that Trump will position himself as a victim of a coup and will rally his followers around him as an emotional protection strategy.

“The more pressure Donald Trump is under, the more he will be obviously out of touch with reality.”

But instead of a more expected psychotic break with Trump lying on the floor, the doctor believes that Trump will have a different sort of break.

“I think he will make up his own reality,” he said.

Dodes claims that Trump has lost contact with reality in the past when his authority has been challenged. For instance, the president claims that he had the largest inauguration crowd in history, which is still debatable. Constructing the world in a way that benefits him is consistent with his “psychological impairment,” says Dodes.

The good news, Dodes says, is that if Trump is removed from office, he doesn’t believe that he will refuse to leave, as some people have suggested. Instead, Dodes says that he will create a rationalization that allows him to leave in a more positive light, such as arguing that he was victimized by the media or Democrats.