Shay Mitchell Catches Heat For Attending Drake’s Birthday Party Days After Giving Birth

David LivingstonGetty Images

It was a week ago that Pretty Little Liars alum Shay Mitchell took to Instagram to announce the birth of her baby girl. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the actress shared a snapshot of herself holding her new bundle of joy’s tiny hand as she gushed about how she never wanted to let go of her daughter.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, her daughter was just a few days old when she received her very first dose of mom-shaming. In fact, many have taken to social media to point out the irony of the caption of her very first Instagram picture of her daughter as she did let go of her just a few days later to attend Drake’s 33rd birthday party.

Notably, both Shay and her boyfriend Matte Babel were spotted having a wonderful time at Drake’s Goya Studios Bash.

An anonymous inside source told US Weekly: “Shay looked absolutely amazing, definitely not like she had just given birth. She was dancing and living her best life, and her and Matte were having so much fun together.”

According to episode six of her YouTube documentary Almost Ready, the labor and delivery was not easy on Shay. In fact, she endured 33 hours of labor before bringing her baby into the world. So, several of her fans who watched the emotional episode on YouTube experienced mixed emotions after learning the actress had gone partying a few days later.

As videos and snapshots of the party started to make rounds on social media, it didn’t take long before many took issue with Shay’s decision to go out and party.

Some found her behavior to be disgusting. Some questioned why Mitchell thought going out days after giving birth was in the best interest of her or her child. A few even grew concerned about her distancing herself from her daughter.

Some Twitter users speculated the birth announcement didn’t come the actual day Shay gave birth. These individuals believed her baby may have been a little older making it more acceptable that she and Matte went out to party.

According to the Daily Mail‘s coverage on the backlash, Shay and Matte did have several followers coming to their defense. One individual noted that if Shay felt as though her newborn was safe in the care of a nanny, friend, or family member, then it shouldn’t be an issue for her and her boyfriend to leave the home and go to a party for a few hours. After all, none of the photos or videos concluded how long Shay and Matte were at the party.

Unfortunately for her social media followers, Shay hasn’t posted much on her Instagram since attending Drake’s birthday party. Only time will tell if the Pretty Little Liars alum decides to respond to the backlash.