October 27, 2019
Wendy Williams Said That Lamar Odom 'Lost A Good One' When He Left Taraji P. Henson For Khloe Kardashian

Wendy Williams wants to let Lamar Odom know that he made the wrong decision back in 2009.

The former NBA star recently shared during an episode of TV One's Uncensored that he secretly dated Taraji P. Henson back in 2009. Odom also provides details about their relationship in his book, Darkness to Light. During the interview, Odom admitted that while he was happy to be with Henson, he fell in love with Khloe Kardashian at the same time. He shared that he didn't tell Henson about his feelings for Kardashian and simply ended their relationship, per Hollywood Life.

Williams played a snippet of the interview on her show in front of her audience on Thursday, October 24. During her "Hot Topics" segment, the host shared her thoughts on the situation. She shared that she felt Odom definitely made a mistake in choosing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star over the Empire actress."Well Lamar, you lost a good one," Williams said during the segment.

After criticizing Odom's appearance and mannerisms in the clip, including the "ugly" shirt he was wearing, Williams revealed her thoughts on Odom's comment pertaining to black women. The Dancing with the Stars contestant said during the special that his relationship with Henson was his most "significant" one he had with a black woman. Williams shared her distaste for the comment and felt that she thought it wasn't necessary. She also shared that, overall, she saw Odom's behavior at that time as an insult.

"He didn't have to add the 'black' part because that just adds to [his] nuttiness," Wendy said.

"I'm offended. He couldn't break up with her and cheated on Taraji. Then, [he and Khloe] get engaged and married after a month. That's how lost he was. Poor Lamar. I like him, and he's been through so much. There's some people you just give a pass to. Ugh."
Williams' thoughts on the Uncensored clip came the same day that Odom shared that he wasn't interested in discussing his past relationships any further. The Inquisitr previously reported that the author posted a photo of him and his current girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, as they share a sweet moment together in the middle of a restaurant. In his caption, Odom shared that he was, "where I want to be" in his current relationship with the fitness trainer.
While Odom has made it clear that he would like to move forward with his new love, he has praised both Kardashian and Henson. In various interviews, he has credited both women for being by his side when he was going through his bouts with drug addiction and mental health issues.