MCU News: There Won’t Be An Infinity Saga-Like Event For Quite Some Time

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is fresh off its Infinity Saga, which began in 2008 with Iron Man and ended with June’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. The 23-film franchise accomplished something never done in cinema before, and now that it’s over, fans of the superhero genre are wondering what the next big event for the MCU will be.

CinemaBlend caught up with Avengers: Endgame producer Trinh Tran and asked about what the next saga for the studio would be. Her response might let down some fans who believe every new movie starting with Black Widow this March will be a part of a new large event.

“Our focus right now is to make sure that the titles that we’ve released in Phase 4… obviously those stories are going to be new, exciting, different and can connect with the audience like the other movies have been. Over 10 years ago, it’s always been our dream to get to Infinity War and Endgame level. We didn’t know obviously where that was going to go at the start of the studio, but it’s incredible to know that we were able to accomplish that,” she said.

Tran went on the say it is a “dream” for the studio to build upon the already existing MCU by continuing to connect movies to one another. She also went on to mention Disney+, which will be releasing original shows that will coincide with movies being released by the studio. This is another venture which has never been done before in the entertainment industry, and the MCU is definitely paving the way for television and movies to work together in the future.

Basically there is no rush to push a collective story this time in the MCU. Tran didn’t say it was out of the cards, but mentioned possibly doing it in another 10 years. For now, there are only a few movies slated over the next two years from the studio, starting with the aforementioned Black Widow.

The Scarlett Johansson solo flick will be followed up by The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther 2. So far, Black Panther 2 is the only film confirmed by the studio for 2022.

Fans are still eagerly awaiting the official announcements for projects involving the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Blade, and Deadpool. All are confirmed to be moving forward in the MCU, but have no release dates at this time.

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