October 25, 2019
WWE News: Hall Of Famer Shoots On Seth Rollins Following Universal Champion's Recent Comments About AEW

Seth Rollins made headlines earlier this week after taking shots at AEW, which he referred to as "the minor leagues" compared to WWE, but his words didn't go down too well with WWE Hall of Famer -- and current AEW commentator -- Jim Ross.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Ross discussed the situation on his Grilling JR podcast with Conrad Thompson. On the show, he admitted that he was upset when he heard what Rollins had to say about the company, and he believes that the Universal Champion was out of line.

"Our business in general, any promotion in the total of all the pro wrestling business it's bigger than any individual. Now I'm not inferring that Seth thinks he's bigger than the business but by what he says sometimes, you can make that assessment, rightly or wrongly, but it's just not a classy thing to say, for an athlete of his designation."
Ross didn't comment on similar views expressed by AEW's executive vice president Kenny Omega, who recently stated that the NXT roster is inferior to his company's batch of in-ring performers.

Ross then went on to say that the brand is more important than a performer's ability to sell out an arena these days, but he doesn't believe that Rollins is on that level yet. The Hall of Famer stated that Rollins isn't as popular as Becky Lynch, but he did acknowledge his talent as a wrestler.

"Rollins he's in a great spot, he's blessed, maybe someday he'll be as over as his girlfriend, I don't know. Nonetheless, I've always liked his work."
Rollins' words have continued some of the burgeoning ill-will toward the champion among fans and industry members. He's been outspoken in recent months by defending WWE at every turn, no matter how valid some of the criticism is considered among the company's base.

Furthermore, he's also at the center of a poorly received feud with Bray Wyatt, which featured an unpopular Hell in a Cell match earlier this month. During the match, Rollins beat his opponent down and was disqualified for his actions, but it didn't portray Wyatt in the most flattering manner as he's supposed to be a dominant monster heel.

Wyatt's been getting cheered since returning to WWE television in the summer, and Rollins has been getting booed because many fans feel he's standing in the way of a title run that "The Fiend" deserves. The duo will face off for the title again at this month's Crown Jewel, and many will be going into the show rooting against "The Architect."