October 25, 2019
Nationals Announce Donald Trump Won't Throw Out First Pitch In Game 5, One Of His Biggest Critics Will Instead

Donald Trump joked about throwing out the first pitch during Game 5 of the 2019 World Series, but the Washington Nationals announced that instead, the organization will be one of the president's most vocal critics.

On Friday, the Nationals announced that renowned chef Jose Andres will throw out the first pitch during Game 5 if needed. Andres has been locked in a feud with Trump since 2016. Trump criticizing Mexican immigrants in a speech and consequently the chef announced he was pulling out of a restaurant planned for the president's Washington, D.C. hotel.

As The Hill reported, Andres has since become a vocal critic of the president especially with regard to his treatment of immigrants and his denigration of foreign countries.

The Washington Nationals have jumped out to a two to none game lead over the favored Houston Astros in the World Series, and Andres said that while he appreciates the invitation to throw out the first pitch, he hopes the series will be over by that point.

"I'm humbled by the invitation, and I realize is a big big big honor but I really hope that by Saturday night all of WASHINGTON will be celebrating that the @Nationals are the 2019 @MLB World Series Champions," he tweeted.

As the report added, Donald Trump has already announced his plans to attend the game and joked that he would need "a lot of heavy armor" if he ended up throwing out the first pitch.

As The Inquisitr noted, Jose Andres has emerged as both a major critic of Donald Trump and a chief organizer for groups impacted by him. Andres has organized massive food drives for people affected by hurricanes and, late last year, offered free lunches for federal workers who were put out of a job when Trump engineered a government shutdown over his demand for border wall funding.

"And I will offer again Free Sandwiches to the poor men and women of the federal government, republicans and democrats, at every restaurant of mine in DC for lunch until they get paid again!" he tweeted.

Andres announced that he would be continuing to offer free sandwiches for the workers as long as the shutdown continued. It ended up being the longest government shutdown in American history, with Trump giving in after three weeks and saying he would declare a state of emergency at the U.S. border to get funding for the border wall rather than continuing to pressure Democrats into authorizing the wall.

Jose Andres also provided free food to student activists who attended the March for Our Lives rally. He also gave free food to the winners of Trump's proposed "Fake News Awards."