Reality Steve’s ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal Peter Weber’s Final 4 Ladies

Ed HerreraABC

Peter Weber’s journey as ABC’s The Bachelor for the 2020 season will debut in January and spoilers reveal that filming has just reached a critical juncture. After going on dates in Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru, Weber’s final four ladies have been chosen and it’s time for Peter to meet their families.

Spoiler king Reality Steve revealed The Bachelor spoilers regarding Peter’s final four via Twitter. He noted that Peter’s hometown dates with each of these contestant’s families will begin this weekend, and that should mean the next rose ceremony will be late next week or so.

According to The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, Peter’s final four ladies are Hannah Sluss, Kelsey Weier, Madison Prewett, and Victoria Fuller.

Of these four ladies, it appears that three of them are 23 years old. Kelsey is 28 and Peter is now 28 years old himself. He lives in California with his parents, and The Bachelor spoilers note that these hometowns will take Peter to Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia.

Which of these four ladies is a frontrunner to receive Peter’s final rose? The Bachelor spoilers have not revealed anything on that front yet, which is a bit unusual. Usually, by this point in filming, Reality Steve shares tidbits about which contestant seems to be a favorite to last until that last rose ceremony.

Based on earlier spoilers for The Bachelor, it seems that contestants Natasha Parker and Kelley Flanagan were eliminated during filming in Peru, coming up just short of getting a hometown date.

There are a few notable tidbits that have emerged about some of Peter’s final four women. Victoria dated Chase Rice, a musician who just happened to perform for Peter and Victoria during a one-on-one date. As for Hannah, she has done some modeling and she appeared in a music video for singer Chris Lane.

Kelsey was Miss Iowa in 2017 and she’s one of several beauty pageant gals who were cast for Peter’s season. Reality Steve has noted that Madison appeared on The Price is Right last year and won about $8,000.

Which of these four ladies will be eliminated after introducing Peter to her family? Which one will be cut after the overnight fantasy suite dates take place the following week?

Peter Weber’s journey to find love will begin airing on ABC in January and filming should wrap up within the next three to four weeks. Additional Bachelor spoilers will emerge ahead of the 2020 premiere and fans will be anxious to find out whether it’s Kelsey Weier, Victoria Fuller, Hannah Sluss, or Madison Prewett who receives that key final rose.