‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 17 Spoilers: Gogeta’s Appearance In Universal Conflict Arc Confirmed!

Dash ToriyamaFlickr(CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The Dragon Ball Heroes Universal Conflict arc continues to get intense as the popular anime finally featured Core Area Warriors leader, Super Hearts, absorbing the power of Universe Seed. It was revealed that the main reason why the Core Area Warriors wreaked havoc in all the universes and fight their strongest fighters is to collect energy for the Universe Seed. The Universe Seed is expected to be used by the Core Area Warriors as their trump card in accomplishing their mission to kill all the gods, including Zeno-sama.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, Super Hearts demonstrated his new power by easily destroying the immortal Evil Zamasu. Though they were first introduced as comrades, Super Hearts revealed that he’s planning to eliminate all the gods whether they are good or bad. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17 is expected to feature Son Goku of Universe 7, Hit of Universe 6, and Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 teaming up against Super Hearts.

Son Goku, Hit, and Jiren are indeed the strongest fighters in all universes, but it still remains unknown whether their combined powers would be enough to take down Super Hearts. Citing a Twitter post of GovetaXV, Comic Book confirmed the unexpected appearance of another powerful character in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Heroes – Gogeta.

“According to GovetaXV, the Dragon Ball Heroes anime will introduce Gogeta this month. The debut will come in episode 17 which is set to premiere on October 27. It seems there is just a week separating fans from Gogeta’s big debut, and fans are interested to see how the fusion is brought in. These days, Goku and Vegeta are pretty busy in the PR anime. Dragon Ball Heroes leveled up Hearts with a Godslayer transformation, and he killed Revived Zamasu with a snap. Now, Universe 7 has been joined by Hit and Jiren to take down the baddie, but Hearts may prove to be too much.”

It has been a long time since Dragon Ball fans see Gogeta in action. In most recent fusions of Son Goku and Vegeta, they used the Kaioshin’s Potara earrings to merge into Vegito. However, the Kaioshins won’t likely risk helping them in the battle right now, especially knowing that Super Hearts could erase them in an instant. When a Kaioshin gets killed, the God of Destruction also automatically dies. This could be one of the major reasons why Son Goku and Vegeta are forced to do the fusion dance to become Gogeta.

Aside from Gogeta, a fan theory suggested that Daishinkan could join also join the fight against Super Hearts. Daishinkan may not look worried about Super Hearts at first. However, after the Core Area Warriors leader absorbed the power of Universe Seed, he started to get the attention of Daishinkan.