Lamar And Khloe Get A Puppy

khloe and lamar

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian showed off their new puppy today on Instagram.

Lamar, who recently made the news after he fell asleep at a custody hearing, surprised his reality show wife this weekend with a new puppy.

Khloe wrote on Instagram: “Look what Lammy got us! Our new baby boxer.”

The photo revealed two things. One, that Lamar and Khloe have a new puppy. And two, that Lamar’s pet name is Lammy.

The Kardashian family was quick to welcome the new puppy to the family with a series of oohs and ahhs.

Kim wrote: WHAT?!!!??? THEY GOT A BOXER??? AWWWW

Kendall Jenner added: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar’s new baby! weeee.

Khloe and Lamar were married three years ago and have reportedly been trying to have a baby. They haven’t had any luck yet but at least they have a puppy now.

Khloe said: “I’m happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day. We’ll have a baby when God wants us to and when the time is right.”


Here are some photos of Lamar and Khloe’s new puppy.

khloe and lamar puppy khloe and lamar puppy

Khloe has talked about her fertility issues on her blog and has occasionally been saddened by her situation. Her new puppy, as well as her new nephew or niece, is sure to make things a little easier on her.

Khloe writes: ‘There is nothing more special than seeing your family grow and Lamar and I are over the moon to have another niece or nephew to love and protect forever. I am truly overwhelmed with happiness right now and just so freaking excited to welcome another little person into our crazy fam LOL!!!'”

What do you think of Lamar and Khloe’s new puppy?