Justin Bieber’s Hamster Died

Justin Bieber's Hamster PAC Died + PAC with Tori McClure

Justin Bieber’s hamster PAC is dead just three months after Justin gave it to a teenage fan.

Justin passed on his beloved rodent to Tori McClure, an 18-year-old aspiring singer after his Jingle Ball concert in Atlanta. Two weeks ago PAC started to lose fur. Tori took the hamster to the vet, but it was too late. Tori buried PAC in her back yard by a tree. “It’s very peaceful there,” Tori told TMZ.

Bieber first introduced PAC to his fans in October of last year through Instagram and Twitter with the caption, “Me and #pac on the road.” Justin was criticized for giving his hamster away by The California Hamster Association, at first. The group later conceded, “[Justin] meant well in delighting his adoring fan with the gift of his hamster.”

A look back at Tori’s tweets about PAC revealed her concern about the dying hamster a few days ago.

When @elysandraqfan asked if PAC was feeling better, Tori replied, “no not really. I mean it’s old age. Not much can be done. I dont like to talk [about it].”

Yesterday Tori let concerned Beliebers know that she wished he could get better and shared one last photo

Tori told Justin and the world about PAC’s passing on Twitter:

Haters gonna hate, and some of them came out in force to accuse Tori of not taking good care of PAC. Tori defended herself and other Beliebers came to her defense.


The whole ordeal dramatically enhanced Tori’s social media power. She tweeted to all the haters:

From all of us at The Inquisitr, or at least from me … #RIPPac